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At United Talent Staffing, we deliver on our Right People, Right Now promise every day.

We offer our associates – The Right People – jobs that help them grow, earn and care for their families. Our responsive approach and reliable service – Right Now – has earned the trust and confidence of large employers, small businesses and start-ups.

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United Talent Staffing Services is proud to share stories about our service, care, and above-and-beyond efforts that have become legendary. They bond us to our clients, associates and communities. Here is one such story, and we invite you to explore the other equally inspiring success stories.

Difficult & Compassionate Conversations

Sometimes our team has to have difficult conversations with our associates. This happened with a new associate who was doing a great job in her first assignment, but our client asked us to address her personal hygiene. This sensitive topic needed to be handled with care and compassion, so we scheduled a face-to-face conversation. The care our staffing coordinator took with this associate allowed her to feel comfortable and open-up about her living situation. When we heard our associate’s story, we jumped into action.

United Talent’s team started with a call to Community Services to see about getting the associate some new work clothes. Our follow-up with the client stimulated their empathy and support; our client donated gift cards to help our associate get back on her feet.

The outcome: our assistance and genuine care helped this associate achieve success on the job, with dignity and respect. We could have moved our associate to a new position or let her go, but we didn’t. We did what the United Talent team does: we pulled together as team, worked with integrity, grace and kindness, and made a difference in one person’s life.

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Jim Smith, Assistant Manager/Director of Operations, Charleston Civic Center

United Talent staffed an incredibly complex schedule for the Charleston Civic Center at the peak of our event cycle. Their concerns for staffing quality candidates for our operations department resulted in a true team spirit among all members involved. I am looking forward to continued success working with everyone from Untied Talent in the future.