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At United Talent Staffing, we deliver on our Right People, Right Now promise every day.

We offer our associates – The Right People – jobs that help them grow, earn and care for their families. Our responsive approach and reliable service – Right Now – has earned the trust and confidence of large employers, small businesses and start-ups.

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United Talent Staffing Services is proud to share stories about our service, care, and above-and-beyond efforts that have become legendary. They bond us to our clients, associates and communities. Here is one such story, and we invite you to explore the other equally inspiring success stories.

Putting a Hero to Work

Last year, a disabled combat veteran came into our Charleston office looking for work. He had competed vocational training through the veteran’s administration to build his clerical skills so he could grow his career past the physical restraints of his combat injuries. At the time, this young man was working at a fast food restaurant and had the desire to do more.

We were 100% dedicated to the mission at hand for this hero, who sacrificed for his country: help find a great position with great pay that would allow him to feel good about himself in the civilian world.

Mission accomplished! After working in a temporary role with United Talent, we were able to secure him a full-time administrative assistant position.

There is nothing more fulfilling than putting a hero to work!

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Kathy Caudill, General Manager, Summit RV

We connected with United Talent during a time of growth where we were struggling to find candidates to fill all of our open positions in a timely manner. They have been great from the start! United Talent has made the recruiting process so easy for us. Their commitment to finding the right candidates has helped us build our workforce with great people that have turned in to excellent full-time employees.