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We offer our associates – The Right People – jobs that help them grow, earn and care for their families. Our responsive approach and reliable service – Right Now – has earned the trust and confidence of large employers, small businesses and start-ups.

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United Talent Staffing Services is proud to share stories about our service, care, and above-and-beyond efforts that have become legendary. They bond us to our clients, associates and communities. Here is one such story, and we invite you to explore the other equally inspiring success stories.

We’ve Walked a Mile in Your Shoes

The United Talent Staffing team knows first-hand the struggles of finding the right job and the realities of working for a staffing company. Staffing Specialists Curuan, Makayla and Gina all started as “temps” and have walked a mile in our associates’ shoes.

Curuan, United Talent’s staffing specialist in Columbus, earned a degree in history at Shawnee State University, but had difficulty finding a job that matched his interests. Like many people, he thought that working in staffing could be a bridge to permanent employment. He took on clerical and production roles, but he the team at UT both knew neither of these roles was ideal. Then the staffing specialist position opened. “No question,” Curuan said, “this was a job I wanted.” He applied and was hired.

“Through my experience as an associate, I learned that what people want most from a staffing company is honesty,” he said. “Be direct. Be honest about the job, before they are assigned and after they get it.”

That’s similar advice to what Makayla offers. She is a staffing specialist at UT’s Charleston branch. Like Curuan, Makayla took a temporary job when she got out of college. She ended up getting hired on permanently but left after commitments made to her were broken. When she went back to UT for a new assignment, she learned they were hiring for a staffing specialist role. She applied for the job and got it.

“I know what it’s like to be an associate. I’ve walked in their shoes,” Makayla said. “People will take a job because they’re desperate, but that’s not a good way to start. I like getting to know people so I can offer advice and put them in the best role.”

Morgantown Staffing Specialist Gina applied for an associate position and waited while it was finalized.  It fell through, and fell through again. She was undaunted and kept following up with the Morgantown branch. On one of her visits, she said, “You know, I’d be willing to work in the office.” The UT team had gotten to know Gina and knew she was reliable and able to get along with everyone. She raised her hand once more and got the staffing specialist job.

“I’ve been the boss in so many places, I can tell the people who sincerely just need some help,” she said. “I have always been about helping people. It’s very rewarding to help someone and hear how happy they are.”

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Human Resources Manager, New WinCup Holdings

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at United Talent Staffing for the last year. I’ve been impressed with the team’s ability to provide us with talent for our manufacturing facility on very short notice. They display a sense of urgency when our demand is high for talent. They handle staffing issues immediately. I have been extremely pleased with the service and recommend United for your staffing needs.