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At United Talent Staffing, we deliver on our Right People, Right Now promise every day.

We offer our associates – The Right People – jobs that help them grow, earn and care for their families. Our responsive approach and reliable service – Right Now – has earned the trust and confidence of large employers, small businesses and start-ups.

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United Talent Staffing Services is proud to share stories about our service, care, and above-and-beyond efforts that have become legendary. They bond us to our clients, associates and communities. Here is one such story, and we invite you to explore the other equally inspiring success stories.

Why We Do What We Do

This story is told by a recruiter in one of our Georgia offices. An individual came to her in need not only of a job but of guidance. Everywhere he tried to find work, he was turned away or overlooked; he was perceived as unstable.

After getting to know this person, we learned that he was homeless, going through a divorce, and relying on a bike for transportation.

Our recruiter saw that underneath, he was a hard-working human being just looking for a place to call home and for someone who would take the time to listen and work with him. She made it her immediate goal to find him the right position.

He worked in a number of temporary jobs for United Talent before finding the perfect placement. After working in a temporary role for 6 months, the client is going to hire him permanently.

Not only is this gentleman extremely happy at his job, but he was able to use this step forward to find a stable home and upgrade his transportation. He still calls United Talent weekly to thank our team for changing his life – not just in his work but as a human being.

“This is why I do what I do, and why I love every bit of it,” our recruiter said.

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Matthew Piercy, Production Manager, RONCHI America, Hiram, GA

The young men you provided were great! They were here early every day and ready to work. They were both intelligent, used their heads and fit in very well with our production team. They remained on task and produced results on each task. They were also appropriately dressed and very presentable each day. I would highly recommend them to any of your clients.