Safety is the #1 value for the United Talent Staffing team. It’s intentionally listed first among our five Core Values because our associates and clients will only thrive when we have a safe workforce and safe jobsites.

Our commitment to safety is backed by these 6 points.

  1. Stop-Think-Act. Our Stop-Think-Act program is designed to keep our associates and those around them safe on the job. We review the program with every United Talent associate during the onboarding process and regularly throughout their employment. As a reminder, associates receive a Stop-Think-Act wallet card.
  2. OSHA Certified. All United Talent staff members are certified OSHA-10 or better. We do more than just talk about safety; we study it and ensure that our team is current on best practices.
  3. Site Safety Visits. Our Staffing Specialists are trained to recognize hazards at our customers’ jobsites so they can be mitigated before an incident occurs. On request, a professional safety assessment at your site can be arranged, in cooperation with our insurance carrier.
  4. Dangerous jobs not allowed. We make it clear to every associate and client that we will not allow our people to work in dangerous jobs. For example, work that’s done at a height of 6 feet or greater or in a confined space, or operation of a chainsaw are prohibited.
  5. Injury Procedure Card. Incidents do occur and when they happen, we want our associates to know what to do – who to call, how to seek treatment, what next steps are required. Every United Talent associate carries our Injury Procedure Card with them.
  6. Safety Checklist. Every associate is asked to read and acknowledge their understanding of our safety policies. This Safety Checklist is part of the onboarding process for all United Talent associates