United Talent Staffing is proud to be a 2nd chance employer.

Our reasons for advocating second chances to those who have served time are both moral and practical.

  • Moral: Offering a second chance empowers people to achieve economic self-sufficiency, creates a sense of belonging and contributing, and generates pride in one’s accomplishments.
  • Practical: The labor market is tight. Many companies are adjusting their hiring standards simply to fill the demand for workers. That adjustment can and should include how employers view candidates with criminal backgrounds.
  • Practical: The prison system is expensive. Employment cuts down on recidivism, reduces the burden on social services, unemployment benefits and other government programs, and creates W-2 wage-earning employees who contribute to the economy.

United Talent is uniquely qualified to advance second chance initiatives.

  • We believe in the power of work and that anyone who wants to work should have the opportunity to do so.
  • UT provides job opportunities and a bridge to permanent jobs for people who need them the most, including many who face barriers to entering the workforce.
  • A high percentage of the jobs UT fills are entry level or laborer positions.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure they are comfortable with any second chance associates we may place on their jobs and will respect their wishes when filling open job orders.
  • We train our staff on how to read and review background screenings to determine the degree of the felony and to chose applicants who are appropriate for the company they will be working for.
  • We train our staff about “Ban the Box” legislation to ensure that people with a criminal background are given a fair chance in their job search.
  • Our staff members may work with local prisons to identify inmates who are a good fit for work-release programs, and then put them to work with our clients where they can develop their skills and re-enter the workforce.
  • Our branches may work with charitable organizations who are helping individuals with felonies obtain the skills and motivation to re-enter society as contributing members.