Tips for Job Seekers

As if a new job isn’t stressful enough, you know you need to make a good first impression. After all, research shows not only do people form snap judgments, but also those impressions tend to stick.

So, what can you do to rock your new gig?

Dress for Success

Your co-workers will start judging you even before you have a chance to speak. This may seem unfair; unfortunately, it is part of human nature. Therefore, pay special attention to your appearance. Begin with your clothes. You may have a zany personal style; however, keep things conservative at first. Figure out the dress code by either calling the HR department or looking on the company website. Take everything into consideration from your coat to your shoes. Mixing a fantastic new outfit with a worn-out windbreaker will not look impressive. Finally, remember the importance of personal grooming. Have your hair styled neatly and your fingernails clipped or manicured. Women should wear light to moderate makeup and men should shave or trim their facial hair. And, skip the perfume or cologne. Although you may love the scent, your new colleagues may not.

Get to Know People
Your first day is a great day to be friendly. Introduce yourself with a brief 30-to-60 second elevator speech. Let your co-workers know about your educational background, previous employment and personal interests. Look to make connections. Find things you have in common with others and build these into meaningful conversations. Remain positive and upbeat. Don’t complain about your personal life or your previous job. Even if you intend to be lighthearted, your new colleagues (who just met you) may view your comments in a negative light. Also, absolutely avoid controversial topics such as politics and religion. An on-the-job argument on day one is a recipe for disaster.

Be Ready to Work
You probably researched your new organization before your interview, so don’t stop now. Continue to learn as much as you can by following your business’s website and social media accounts. Being able to intelligently discuss recent projects and initiatives makes you look knowledgeable and interested. Of course, you will need time to get up to speed in your new position. Nevertheless, try to begin adding value as quickly as possible. Ask questions, volunteer to help your co-workers and look for projects you can tackle now. Keep in mind, there is a fine line between being enthusiastic and being annoying. You want to appear genuine and sincere in your efforts. Your goal should be to contribute not to kiss up.

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