Recruiting Tips for Employers

You’ve probably heard of temp-to-hire, but maybe you’ve never seriously considered it. Could this strategy be right for your organization? Answer the questions below to find out.

Do You Wish Your Interview Process Was Producing Better Results?

Under the best of circumstances, hiring is tricky. Resumes don’t tell the whole story and interviews can be misleading. Sometimes, a candidate who looks like a superstar turns into a subpar employee or, worse yet, a bad hire. Temp-to-hire arrangements take the guesswork out of hiring. Rather than making a choice based on vague answers to interview questions, you will see your potential employee in action for a period of three to six months. You’ll have a firsthand chance to evaluate their skill set, their work ethic and their on-the-job performance.

Is Culture Fit Important to Your Organization?

Despite your best screening efforts, it’s difficult to determine how well a potential employee will gel with your existing team. A candidate may seem nice, but will they fit in? You need time to observe their personality and their adaptability. Temp-to-hire placements provide this opportunity.

Are You Trying to Avoid Job Hoppers?

Temp-to-hire doesn’t only benefit companies; this strategy benefits candidates too. New hires often leave a position abruptly when a role turns out to be different than they expected. Temp-to-hire allows your organization to test out employees, AND it allows employees to test out jobs. After a few months, your candidate will have a much better idea of whether this position is right for them. Therefore, by the time you are ready to hire (and your candidate is ready to accept), a long-term commitment is more likely on both sides.

Would You Like to Lower Your Hiring Risk?

Hiring someone who doesn’t work out costs your business time and money. You’ve used resources to vet applicants, run interviews and onboard, and now you’re back to square one (not to mention shorthanded). Plus, depending on the situation, you may also have to worry about wrongful termination or/and unemployment claims. Temp-to-hire helps you avoid all these problems. Keep in mind, temp-to-hire candidates are employees of the staffing agency not your business. If someone works out, that’s fantastic. You can add them to your team. If someone doesn’t work out, you have the option to send them back. The staffing service will send you a replacement and find your former candidate another position. Either way, the hiring process is more convenient and less risky.

How did you do? If you replied, YES to two or more questions, temp-to-hire could be a smart choice. Would you like to learn more? Contact your local staffing company. Most agencies offer temp-to-hire as well as direct hire options.

Would Your Business Like to Explore a Temp-to-Hire Strategy?

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