Career Advice

Most people make major career choices before they’re 21 years old. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, life has changed. You may find your job is no longer fulfilling, too stressful or not lucrative enough. Is this just a passing phase, or are you poised to tackle a new chapter? Here are five signs that it may be time to make a career move.

1. You No Longer Feel Challenged

Even with rapid changes in technology, your job may look the same year after year after year. Sometimes there are ways to break the cycle, but other times this is not the case. Being passed over for a promotion, or two or three, leaves a worker feeling stuck. This may be an opportunity to make a change, even to a completely different field.

2. You Hate Your Job and It’s Making You Sick

Do you dread going to work? This is not an “I wish it were still the weekend” feeling. If you find yourself really hating your job, you probably have a host of related health issues that may include weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia and a comprised immune system. (Forbes, 2016 –

3. You Have a New and Marketable Passion

Maybe you fell into a career when you were younger, and now you have developed a genuine interest in something new such as CNC machines, gardening or selling on eBay. It is ideal to do something you love; however, consider the sustainably of the activity. Be sure to distinguish between a fun hobby and a profitable pursuit.

4. You Have Considered the Financial Implications

Many times a career change is precipitated by the wish to make more money. This sounds enticing, but it is important to consider your maximum investment before committing to a path. Will you be unemployed for a period? How will you pay your bills and health insurance? What is the total cost of tuition or additional coursework? Will you need to borrow money? Are you prepared if things do not work out?

5. You Have a Plan

Career moves carry risk, especially for mid-career workers, as well as those carrying debt. There are lots of career-changing success stories from Harrison Ford to Julia Child, but no one publicizes the failures. Someone who impulsively quits a job because they think they might like to sell real estate is not in the same situation as someone who has systematically planned and prepared to make a move.

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