Tips for Job Seekers

Lots of good-paying jobs don’t require a college degree. But you’ll still need to demonstrate basic capabilities to land the position you want. Here are six of the top soft skills hiring managers look for in candidates. 

A Strong Work Ethic

If you want to be successful, the first step is to show up. This sounds simple, but many people struggle to follow these basic rulesGet to work on time. Don’t call in sick unless you are sick. And, be prepared to do your best every day. 
How to Display this Skill: Prepare for your interview and arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. 

Communication Skills

Communication usually tops lists of most important soft skills. Companies need people who can listen carefully, clearly express ideas and read body language. Written and digital communication skills are important as well.     
How to Display this Skill: Ask someone to proofread your application to avoid typos. Rehearse interview questions out loud so your answers sound professional and demonstrate your listening skills by paying close attention to what others say.

A Willingness to Learn

Technology is constantly changing in today’s world. Therefore, employees must be ready to adapt. Alsoan entry-level position will most likely include on-the-job training. The faster you learn, the more valuable you will be to the organization.
How to Display this Skill: Express an interest in learning new things. Also, mention any certifications or higher education you are pursuing.  


Companies are looking for smart people, but not for people who have all the answers. Sometimes you will mess up. Then, what will you do? Show you are the type of person who can accept feedbacklearn from your mistakes and do better next time. 
How to Display this Skill: Think of a time you slipped up and handled it well. Have this story ready if the interviewer asks, “How do you deal with mistakes?” 

Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

The majority of jobs involve working with other people. Your employer will want to know if can put your interests aside to become part of the team. This may involve taking orders, getting along with people you don’t necessarily like and doing your part to contribute to the organization’s larger goals  
How to Display this Skill: Think of a time you were on a winning teamIf the interviewer asks, “How do you feel about teamwork?” explain how you contributed to this group.

A Positive Attitude

As the old saying goes, “Attitude is everything.” Enthusiasm and a can-do spirit go a long way. After all, who would you rather hire a Positive Polly or a Negative Nelly?  
How to Display this Skill: Show a genuine interest in the job and the company. And, don’t forget to SMILE.   


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