Tips for Job Seekers

You are looking for a job. It is exciting and exhausting. There are so many options. Maybe you could use some help? Have you considered calling a recruiter?

Although most people think they can find a job on their own, a partnership with a recruiter can provide numerous advantages in an employment search.

How Can a Recruiter Help Me with My Job Hunt?

Receive Great Advice

Most people search for employment only a handful of times, but this is what recruiters do day in and day out. They are up-to-date on trends in the market, professional must-haves and compensation criteria. In addition, they can provide strategic career guidance, resume analysis and interview coaching. You will have an expert in your corner.

Optimize Your Time

Finding a job can take weeks or months. Let a recruiter do the heavy lifting for you. With their extensive experience, recruiters can help to match your expertise to the right positions. This results in a higher return on applications as well as more relevant interviews. And the best part, most recruiters receive their fee from the company where you are placed. So, you can “hire” a recruiter at no cost to you.

Gain an Inside Edge

When you apply for a position, your resume may be one of one hundred on a hiring manager’s desk. Those are not great odds. However, a recruiter has established relationships with lots of companies. His or her endorsement of you as a “talented candidate” will give you a distinct advantage over any of the applicants in that pile.

Find the Best Jobs

Many companies prefer to work through employment agencies. As a result, their jobs may never be published or advertised. Your perfect fit may be “hidden” from you. A recruiter, however, can help you discover positions you may not see on traditional listings.

How Can I Find a Great Recruiter?

Contact a Recruiting Firm

Search online for employment and staffing agencies. Find out what regions and industries they serve. Make a few phone calls to gain additional insight.

Ask Questions

To have a successful experience, you need to have a good relationship with your recruiter. Ask about their experience, success stories, fees (usually these are paid by the hiring company) and their strategies for getting you hired. If you don’t feel like you would work well with this person or if you have any doubts about their qualifications, keep looking.

Monitor Results

Throughout the process, be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of the partnership. Of course, you need to keep your expectations realistic. Even the best recruiter may not be able to land you a job within twenty-four hours. Nevertheless, if things do not seem to be moving along as promised, it is OK to re-evaluate and/or express your concerns.

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