Recruiting Tips for Employers

Hiring employees requires lots of effort. There are job descriptions to post, resumes to sort through, and hours of interviews. It is tempting, and it may even seem necessary, to take a few shortcuts. However, the background check should NOT be one of the items on the chopping block. Yes, they take time. Yes, they are important. Here are the top reasons why.

They Keep People and Companies Safe

Criminal history is one of the first things people associate with a background check. It is vitally important that companies strive to keep their employees and their customers safe. According to the National Safety Council, a staggering two million American workers report having been a victim of workplace violence each year. Stealing is also detrimental to a company’s bottom line. A recent study by Global Retail Theft Barometer found that, in the United States retail sector, employee theft accounts for 43 percent of lost revenue. Wouldn’t it be better to know about a potential employee’s history before facing serious problems?

They Help Prevent “Bad” Hires

In addition to criminal records, background checks may include education, employment history, civil records, and/or credit history. Why would a company need to double-check this information? According to Fortune Magazine, resume lies are on the rise. Most industry estimates top 50 percent. Not only should a company be leery of hiring a dishonest person, the oversight could be costly. Employees who claim inflated skills may not be able to perform the job, and a manager who did not actually graduate from Harvard, or college at all, could create an embarrassing situation.

In Some Industries, It’s the Law

Certain industries, especially those dealing directly with people or with their personal information, require background checks. These include education, financial, insurance, hospitality, and caregiving. Even when a background check is not mandatory, it is still a good policy and the right thing for a company to do. Although the cases are thankfully rare, there still are plenty of examples of tragedies and million-dollar negligent hiring lawsuits because of lack of due diligence.

Does your organization realize that background checks are important, but is struggling with a lack of resources? Do you feel generally overwhelmed by the hiring process? A staffing agency may be able to help. The coordinators at employment firms are experts at running background checks, as well as completing all the other pre-employment paperwork.

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