Direct Hire Tips

Direct hire recruiting can help your organization find employees for those hard-to-fill positions. And, one of the main benefits a staffing service offers is expert knowledge of the current job market.

Here’s how your company can use this information to hire better.

Gain Insider Insights into Market Trends
If you are hiring a top-level executive or a specialty position, you will need to understand more about the present market. Obviously, this research requires additional time and resources. For employment agencies, however, hiring and recruiting are their everyday business. Professional recruiters are familiar with skill set availability, hiring complexities, shifting trends and competitor activity. In addition, they recognize the salary rate and career expectations of top talent. Your recruiter can work with your organization to formulate an effective hiring plan and develop an enticing compensation package once you do identify the right candidate.

Find Top-Quality Passive Candidates
When you advertise for an opening through job boards, social media or even your network, you have a limited reach. Often, top talent isn’t out looking for work, they are too busy exceeding expectations for their current employer. On the other hand, a staffing agency has an extensive network of both active and passive candidates. Recruiters know who the most eligible employees are and how to find them. They may know of a candidate who wouldn’t apply on their own, but might be interested in relocating, exploring a new opportunity or working for a company better matched to their values and career goals.

Receive Professional Advice on Alternative Solutions
Sometimes the perfect employee is either impossible to find or too expensive for your organization. This doesn’t mean your company has to leave an important seat open or make do with an underqualified worker. As part of their expertise, a staffing service can suggest excellent alternatives. For example, in a tight labor market, recruiters are aware of the value of nontraditional applicants. They can introduce you to candidates who otherwise would have been off your radar, such as an older worker looking to reenter the workforce, a veteran recently returned from overseas or someone with the right skill set who lacks a college degree. Even though these individuals may not have met your original requirements, when given a chance, they may turn into one of your highest-performing employees.

Is Your Organization Interested in Exploring Direct Hire Recruiting?

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