Direct Hire Tips

It’s a hiring manager’s nightmare. You spend hours sorting through hundreds of resumes. You identify a handful of potential candidates, but when you interview them, NO ONE is qualified.

Aargh. Now, you’re back to square one. Or, are you ready for a better solution?

Let direct hire recruiting help you escape the unending stream of poor-fit resumes.

Start With the Right Applicants

Often, underqualified or unexperienced candidates apply when job postings are too vague. Applicants may think they are capable simply because the job description fails to spell out skills and requirements they lack. If you partner with a staffing service, a recruiter will assist you in defining and describing your perfect hire. You can use these professionally written job descriptions to either advertise for new applicants or find a match in the agency’s current database. Either way, you begin the process with people who can do the job. You just need to pick the best one.

Avoid the Towering NO Pile

Writing overly specific job descriptions can be a problem too. You’ll spend all day reading resumes only to discover you have a giant No pile and a nonexistent Yes pile. For example, finding a bilingual receptionist with 10 years of customer-service experience who is willing to work for minimum wage is going to be extremely difficult. A staffing service can help you distinguish between what you are hoping for and what is possible. Maybe you will be able to hire an entry-level bilingual receptionist who would be willing to work for $10 per hour. Expert recruiters understand industry trends and employee availability. They can advise you on competitive pay rates and creative solutions, so your business ends up with the best-case, if not perfect, scenario.

Automate the Sorting Process

Why waste hours hand sorting resumes when a computer can rank them in the blink of an eye? Staffing services use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes and store candidate information. Once you have identified your must-have qualifications, a recruiter will enter this information into the computer system. The ATS will send back only the top applications. You save yourself time and aggravation while also guaranteeing better results.


Could Direct Hire Recruiting Be Right for Your Organization?

If you are sick of sorting through resumes only to achieve lackluster results, give United Talent Staffing Services a call. We place medical, industrial and office professionals throughout West Virginia and the Tri-State area. Let our recruiters find you the right people today!