Direct Hire Tips

Is your company struggling to hire qualified workers in this tight labor market? Maybe you’ve considered targeting passive, as well as active candidates, but you don’t know where to start. 

The right staffing service can assist you in recruiting the best-fit employees, whether these people are looking for work or currently employed. Here’s how. 

How Direct Hire Recruiting Helps You Find Active Candidates

Active candidates may be hunting for their first job, planning to re-enter the workforce or searching for a better opportunity. 

Pull From a Larger Talent Pool

If you have a job opening, your organization may advertise in only a handful of places. You may decide to post the opening on your website and possibly a job board or two. Employment agencies offer a much larger reach. In addition to the standard Help Wanted ads, they use networking events, referrals, social media and niche job boards. These all-encompassing strategies provide you with a larger number of top contenders. 

Attract Better Applicants

Are your job descriptions effective? If you aren’t happy with the quantity or quality of your applicant pool, your postings probably need an overhaul. A recruiter can assist you in clearly defining your ideal applicant and tell you how to sell the position. Spend your recruiting dollars smarter by starting with professionally written, top-notch job posting            

How Direct Hire Recruiting Helps You Find Passive Candidates

Passive candidates aren’t actively looking for work, but many would consider a change if the right position came along.  

Advertise Outside the Job Boards

Passive candidates are reliable with a track record of success. And, as a result, they are highly desirable. But, if they aren’t job hunting, how can your company find them? Employment agencies apply a wide variety of tactics to discover potential applicants who are currently working elsewhereThese include candidate mining, networking events, referrals, and social media. Even though passive candidates aren’t searching the job boards, recruiters still know how to catch their attention.     

Leverage Recruiter Relationships

Over time, staffing professionals form long-term connections with many of the people they place. They may know of someone who likes their job, but is thinking about relocating, hoping for a greater challenge or simply a change of scenery. Plus, recruiters are familiar with these people’s personalities and preferences. Therefore, they can make a best-fit recommendation for both individuals and organizations.   


Are You Ready to Try Direct Hire Recruiting?

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