Direct Hire Tips

With low unemployment rates continuing throughout 2019, many companies are struggling to find qualified employeesIs your organization suffering from the ongoing talent shortage? Here’s how partnering with an experienced staffing firm can help you build the workforce you need. 

Reach a Larger Talent Pool

Think of the recruiters as your local talent scouts. When you run an in-house search you may use advertising, networking, and possibly referrals. Sometimes your efforts may be successful and sometimes not. However, professional recruiters can cast a much wider net. They understand how to leverage less traditional advertising methods such as niche job boards and social media. And, their numerous industry connections can take networking and referrals to the next level. Not to mention staffing agencies have large databases of both passive and active candidates to fall back on. Your next superstar employee maybe someone you wouldn’t be able to discover on your own.      

Take Advantage of Expert Advice 

Especially when your organization is searching for a hard-to-fill position or an executive-level employee, you may not have a complete understanding of current market conditions. How many candidates are available? What are the going pay rates? What types of compensation packages will catch the attention of potential applicants? Recruiters hire day and day out, so they have the answers to these questions at their fingertips. They can apply their expertise to assist you in finding and hiring top talent more quickly and efficiently.    

Attract Higher-Quality Candidates

Although some businesses prefer the idea of temp-to-hire and contract work solutions, direct hire positions can be more appealing to top-level applicants. This especially is true in a tight labor market where employees have options. After all, why would you accept a contract-to-hire position if you could land a permanent placement at the company down the road? Candidates (and passive candidates in particular) are looking for job security, benefits packages and the opportunity to commit to a team. Direct hire provides all these perks while temporary work does not.     

Would Your Company Like to Learn More About Direct Hire Recruiting?

If you’re ready to shorten your time-to-hire for highly skilled full-time employees and proven executive leadership, give United Talent Staffing Services a call. Our professionals help businesses to find the right solutions and the right peopleLearn more about partnering with us today!