Recruiting Tips for Employers

Your company’s new hire process is good chance to make a great impression. Don’t waste the opportunity. Poor onboarding links to both lower retention and engagement rates. (SHRM, 2015)

If your organization’s onboarding could use a bit of an overhaul, here are seven ideas to design a more effective program.

Plan Ahead

A new hire should not spend the first day wandering around. This wastes money and shows a lack of respect for all employees. The onboarding process should have a purpose and an agenda. Send new employees a schedule in advance. Provide details about where to park, how to report and what to wear. You want them to feel comfortable and prepared.

Start Early

Everyone can imagine a new hire sitting at a desk with a huge stack of paperwork. Unfortunately, filling out forms not only is draining but also a poor use of the initial hours on a job. Consider getting some of these tedious tasks out of the way by sending new employees basic information and required documents through email or an online portal a few days before.

Keep It Relevant

Just like other processes, onboarding can become complicated and institutionalized. Don’t feel obligated to stick with the status quo. Review your new hire process frequently. Ask basic questions. Does every piece serve a purpose? What needs to be added or removed? Is the process meaningful and consistent?

Involve Everyone

In most companies, new hires usually meet with Human Resources and IT. Make it a priority to incorporate them into the whole team as well. Let current employees know when the new person will arrive and encourage everyone to welcome them. Ask someone to personally introduce the new employee to their supervisor within the first hour of their arrival.

Show Enthusiasm

Your company just hired a fantastic new employee. Display excitement. A few simple gestures can be very meaningful. First and foremost, make sure your new employee’s workspace is ready to go. You don’t want them to feel like an afterthought. Other ways to celebrate may include a team lunch, a “meet and greet” coffee break and/or personalized company branded welcome gifts.

Think Long Term

Employees can take anywhere from 90 days to over a year to fully integrate into the organization. The initial eight hours is a good beginning, but the new hire process must be ongoing. Create a plan to check-in at regular intervals throughout the first three months or even the first year. Review goals and expectations, evaluate progress and offer support.

Request Feedback

One of the best ways to evaluate the success of your onboarding process is to ask your new hires for input. Use anonymous online surveys and/or individual or group meetings to gather information. Then, use this data to evolve, improve and optimize your program for future hires.

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