Tips for Job Seekers

Maybe you were hoping for a full-time job, but a contract position came along instead? Or, maybe you enjoy contract work, and you would like to keep landing assignments? In either case, you need to make a great first impression at your upcoming placement.

Follow these seven tips to turn your on-demand job into career-building opportunity.

Start Strong
Studies show people form first impressions within a tenth of a second, and those judgments tend to stick. In other words, your supervisor may decide whether you will be a good worker before you begin your first task. This seems unfair, but it’s part of human nature. So, use this information to your advantage by acting the part from the moment you walk in the door. Arrive on time, pay attention to personal grooming and follow the dress code. You want to look like a top employee at a glance.

Treat On-Demand Positions Like Full-Time Jobs
If you have an “I’m just passing through to collect a paycheck” attitude, people will view you as a contract employee. Take your professionalism to the next level by behaving as though this is a long-term, permanent placement. Employers notice this level of dedication, and they will appreciate your strong work ethic. Plus, this gives you a better chance of scoring a full-time position or at least a strong recommendation.

Do Your Research
Before your first day, learn about the company. Visit their website, check their social media channels and/or chat with someone who works there. Being knowledgeable about the organization makes you look more serious and committed.

Have a Positive Attitude
A little enthusiasm can go a long way. If you aren’t particularly excited, pretend you are. After all, the placement could turn out better than you expected, or it could lead to other possibilities. Your approach can make all the difference.

Take Training Seriously
Training is another chance for you to impress your employer. Stay attentive throughout the session, take notes and ask relevant questions. As an on-demand employee, the faster you can contribute, the more valuable (and marketable) you will be.

Get to Know Your Co-Workers
Display your interest in joining the team by introducing yourself and joining in conversations. Search for things you have in common with your new colleagues and form connections. Even if the assignment is short term, this still is a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your network.

Mind Your Manners
This may seem obvious, but bad behavior leaves a bad impression. Think of yourself as a guest. You are hoping the company will either ask you to stay or recommend you to another organization. Be gracious and polite. Don’t help yourself to coffee or snacks without an invitation, don’t say things that might offend other people and don’t complain about the company.

Are You Looking for A New Job?

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