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Does your company use a large temporary workforce to cover busy seasons? Does recruiting, hiring, onboarding and managing temps place a considerable burden on your everyday business?

If so, an on-site staffing management solution may be right for your organization. With on-site management, a staffing service brings in and supervises all the workers you need to get the job done.

Here are four main benefits of on-site management for seasonal staffing:

Effective Recruiting
Top temporary workers can be difficult to find. Many people are looking for permanent part-time or full-time work rather than a short-term contract position. However, staffing services work directly with individuals who enjoy and often prefer interim assignments. In addition, they know how to run successful recruiting campaigns specifically designed to attract temporary employees.

Faster Hiring
Identifying a pool of quality applicants is only half the battle; now your company needs to screen candidates, onboard your new temps and get them up to speed as quickly as possible. An on-site manager has the staff and the resources to efficiently run background checks, drug tests, and other pre-employment screening. They are proficient at training and onboarding so your temporary workers can hit the ground running.

Higher Productivity
Temporary employees present different challenges than permanent workers. On-site management professionals understand this and adjust their approach accordingly. They can create well-structured, short-term incentive plans to build excitement and keep temps motivated from the beginning of an assignment to the end. Also, their extensive experience in different plants and industries allows them to make suggestions for overall process improvement.

Short- and Long-term Forecasting
On-site managers can assist with this season, next season and the season after that. As experts in high-volume temporary production, they can help your organization predict current and future hiring needs more accurately. Since both over-and understaffing can have a negative impact on your company’s bottom line, you want to bring in the right number of employees the first time.

As a final advantage, your HR department and regular supervisors won’t accumulate all the extra duties of managing double, triple or even quadruple the number of workers. They can focus on getting your business through the busy season without the added stress of an unreasonable workload.

Could On-Site Staffing Management Be Right for Your Organization?
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