Tips for Job Seekers

You may lose contact with your recruiter after finding employment. After all, the recruiter found you a job and now you’re hired. There are, however, important reasons to maintain the relationship.

You May Switch Jobs
When you are newly employed, changing jobs is the last thing on your mind. But, things happen including better opportunities, career changes and, unfortunately, layoffs and downsizing. In today’s economy, the average person changes jobs twelve times throughout their working life. (The Balance, 2018) It is good to be prepared. Your recruiter is the expert in your corner. Recruiters can provide insight into market and employment trends, company cultures and highly desired skill sets. If you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, you already are part of your recruiter’s network. And if things are going well, your recruiter can provide career advice and suggestions for future advancement.

You Could Earn a Higher Income
“Job switchers” earn about 1% more year-over-year than “job stayers.” Although this may not sound impressive, it could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a career. (Business Insider, 2017) A recruiter can help you not only negotiate a bigger paycheck, but also identify higher earning positions. They know how much you are worth, and they are familiar with salaries for given industries as well as internal paygrades. Similarly, if you are looking to move-up within an organization, you may have better luck working with a recruiter versus your HR Department. Recruiters often know what jobs are available, which hiring managers are interviewing and how to highlight your talents to increase your chances of success.

Your Recruiter Can Help Others
Perhaps you have a talented friend or acquaintance who is out of a job and down on their luck. Create a win/win situation by introducing them to your recruiter. Your recruiter will appreciate a referral from a reliable source and your friend can return to work more quickly.

It’s a Nice Thing to Do
The best recruiters enjoy helping people. They want to see you and others find good jobs, build your careers and improve the quality of your lives. Let them know how they are doing. Recruiters love hearing good news. Plus, a little bit of bragging on your part can be fun. If things are less than perfect, it is helpful to share that information too. Recruiters use this feedback to revise and improve their strategies and to better serve their clients.

What Is the Best Way to Keep Connected?

The goal is to keep in contact without cluttering your recruiter’s inbox or voice mail. A quick message each year on your work anniversary is a great place to start. Other noteworthy events may include promotions, career or employment changes, recently earned certifications or degrees, relocations and of course new job searches.

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