Why Staffing?

Is your company searching for top talent? Has it occurred to you that if you are recruiting the same way as your competitors by posting jobs, screening resumes, interviewing a few candidates and picking the best bet that everyone is ending up with average results? Attracting quality candidates requires skill and dedication. And many organizations may find it difficult, if not impossible, to allocate the necessary resources to high-level recruiting. This is where a partnership with an employment agency can set your hiring apart.

What Advantages Can a Staffing Firm Offer?

A Larger Talent Pool
Usually, only a small percentage of potential employees, between 10-20 percent, are actively seeking employment. However, according to 2014 data, up to 85 percent of the workforce would consider changing jobs. (LinkedIn, 2014). Through their ongoing engagement with both active and passive candidates, a recruiting firm may attract the attention of your next top performer who would otherwise never have seen your job listing.

A Flexible and Experienced Workforce
Staffing firms employ many individuals who enjoy covering a variety of open assignments. These workers are well-trained, experienced and ready to fit in with different cultures. As they can “hit the ground running,” they are the perfect choice for covering medical leaves or for providing additional staffing during peak seasons. And, since they are employees of the staffing agency, your company does not have to worry about onboarding paperwork, benefits, payroll or unemployment claims when the position is no longer required.

More Sophisticated Hiring
Traditional interviews usually are the go-to method for screening potential hires. Unfortunately, ongoing research continues to show the inadequacies of this approach. “A typical interview – unstructured, rambling, unfocused – tells the interviewer almost nothing about job candidates… In technical terms, they have a .2 correlation with predicting success.” ( Magazine, 2006). The job placement specialists at a staffing firm are rigorously trained in the best hiring practices. They are familiar with the most effective interview techniques and they have access to additional and more relevant forms of evaluation including cognitive, personality and work-sample tests.

Trial Periods
Even if your company has implemented a stellar recruiting system, it is still possible to end up with employees who just do not work out. To help prevent this scenario, many employment firms offer temp-to-hire options. This allows your organization to try-out an employee, to see if they are a good culture fit, and discover their strengths and weaknesses on the job. If the individual is a superstar, you can permanently add them to your team. If not, there is no obligation to hire. Simply, treat the position as temporary and try again without the hassle and risks of regular turnover.

Would you like to hire higher quality and more efficient employees? Have you considered the benefits of partnering with a staffing firm? United Talent offers temporary, direct-hire and temp-to-hire placements, as well as payroll options. Learn more about how we can help you find The Right People, Right Now.