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Would your company like to make the most out of a temporary workforce? An on-site staffing management solution can help you recruit, hire and supervise temps better. This reduces your workload while maximizing productivity.

Here are four ways on-site staffing can make your business more efficient:

Less Strain on Your Regular Employees
Your regular employees are busy. Adding on the hiring and supervision of a large temporary workforce may be more than they can handle. Recognize this is a significant undertaking requiring considerable man-hours. Depending upon the size of the job, this task may be close to impossible or so difficult, your employees will become burnt out and disengaged. Ultimately, either of these scenarios lead to decreased productivity and lower profits across the board. Certainly, hiring an on-site manager costs money, but this may be a worthwhile investment.

Higher-Performing Temps
On-site managers work with temporary employees as part of their regular jobs. Therefore, they understand the unique needs of these workers. In fact, managers often have existing relationships with temps whom they met on other assignments. They know how to lead, motivate and encourage temporary workers. They can also keep things running smoothly from start to finish.

Expert Support and Advice

Utilizing on-site management gives your company an edge over the competition. An employment agency can streamline your recruiting by using their extensive databases to find you the most talented and reliable temps. In addition, on-site managers are experts in workforce development. Through observations and daily interactions, they can assist you in identifying weaknesses, resolving issues, revising policies and implementing better solutions. All of this can make your organization more efficient and profitable in the short and long term.

Faster Communication

As the name suggests, on-site managers work on location. If you have a problem, you don’t have to call an office across town and wait for a response while production lags. The manager is right there ready to immediately address your concerns. This is beneficial for hiring and recruiting as well. The on-site manager can show potential hires where they will be working and what they will be doing. Temps who know exactly what a job involves are less likely to drop out, so you reduce your chances of leaving your team unexpectedly shorthanded.

Could On-Site Management Allow Your Business to Achieve Better Results?

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