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You may have been looking for a full-time, permanent placement, but a temp-to-hire job came along. Should you accept it? The answer depends, but you should give it a second thought. 

Some people shy away from temporary positions because they are short term. However, they often provide long-term career-building potential. Here are five top advantages of temp-to-hire. 


You Can Test Drive the Job

 Most of us know someone thrilled to land a new position. Only, after a few weeks, they realized they HATED the job. This happens, and unfortunately, many people get stuck in a role where they aren’t happy. One of the best ways to figure out if a job is right for you is to try it out before you sign on. Temp-to-hire offers this unique opportunity. If you like a position, you can work toward a full-time placement. If not, you have the option to move on to something else. In temp-to-hire roles, you work for the staffing agency, not the company where you are placed. Therefore, you can change jobs without changing employers. 

You Can Discover Your Best Fit

 If you are searching for your first job or switching careers, you may not know what you want. Would you rather work for a big corporation or a small organization? What about company culture and working conditions? Do you think you would like to specialize in a specific area or department? Temp-to-hire positions allow you to answer these questions by experimenting with various roles. You don’t have to commit until you know you’re in the right place. 

You Can Gain Valuable Experience

 When you have worked in different companies, settings, and positions, you’ll have more to offer. Each placement gives you not only the chance to gain on-the-job experience but also the opportunity to pick up new skills and fresh perspectives. All of these add up to make you a more valuable employee for any organization.    

You Can Expand Your Network

Even if a job doesn’t work out, it’s still a chance to connect with experts in your field. The people you get to know along the way can refer you to other companies, serve as references, or act as mentors. Plus, you’ll probably meet some friends too. 

You Can Get Your Foot in the Door

 Especially if you know you would like to work for a company, temp-to-hire is a fantastic option. The organization may not consider your application for a permanent position, because you lack experience or have an incomplete skill set. However, with a temporary assignment, you can make a great first impression and work toward a full-time placement with a company you know you’ll love.   


Are You Interested in Trying Out a Temp-to-Hire Position?

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