Tips for Job Seekers

If you’re hoping to find a clerical job, you know you’ll need organizational, bookkeeping, computer and possibly accounting skills. But, that’s not all. Employers will be looking at your soft skills too. 

Unlike technical or hard skills, soft skills are harder to measure and define. They are a combination of personal attributes that allow you to get along well with others and to achieve your goals. 

Top Soft Skills for Clerical Employees 

  1. Communication
    As a clerical worker, you may have to answer phones, work with customers, schedule appointments, manage calendars, write emails and/or resolve complaints. Therefore, you’ll need excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as strong listening skills.  
  1. Interpersonal Skills
    Many clerical employees have extensive contact with customers, management and their colleagues. You’ll want others to feel comfortable around you, so you should be both personable and accommodatingReading non-verbal cues, such as voice tone and body language, is an important talent too.      
  1. Dependability
    Clerical workers make sure offices run smoothly btaking care of day-to-day administrative tasks. To be successful, you’ll have to be on top of your game every day. You must show up ready to workfinish tasks on time and do what you say you’re going to do.   
  1. Teamwork
    Working as a member of the team is an essential clerical skill. Much of your job will involve completing work for others. You’ll have to be responsive to their needs and understanding of their requests. This position isn’t about being the superstar; it’s about providing support.  
  1. Problem Solving
    Somethings things go wrong. Information is misfiled, meetings get canceled or customers are unhappy. Talented clerical employees don’t let these situations turn into major problems. Instead, they develop creative solutions so the workday can go on (almost) as planned.  

3 Ways to Display Your Soft Skills as a Clerical Candidate 

  1. Create a well-written resume and cover letter and follow up with Thank You notes after an interview. This demonstrates your strong written communication skills. 
  1. Be polite, friendly and a good listener during your interview to highlight your people skills. And, arrive on time and prepared so you look dependable too. 
  1. During your interview, give specific examples of your soft skills in action. For example, tell how you successfully dealt with a difficult customer or about the time when you reworked everyone’s schedules to accommodate an important meeting. 

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