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A top-level candidate is thinking about applying to your company and decides to do some research. What will he or she find online? If you don’t know, it is time to strategize.

Every organization wants talented and motivated workers. And, guess what? Those are exactly the individuals who are most likely to do their homework. If they see bad news, they will apply to other companies.

The Negative Effects of a Bad Corporate Reputation

Fewer Candidates
A recent survey found that 71% of U.S. workers would not apply to an organization with a poor reputation. This plays out in the real world as well. After their 2017 publicity woes, Uber saw a 15% drop in job views and application rates. On the other hand, positive press leads to better morale, increased referrals, higher job acceptance rates and lower turnover. (Marketplace, 2017)

Higher Costs
Even if people can be convinced to apply to an organization with a reputation problem, they will require up to 10% higher pay to accept the position. That adds up to $4,723 per person based on annual U.S. salaries. And, for a company with 10,000 employees, those wage increases could skyrocket to as much as $7.6 million dollars each year. (Harvard Business Review, 2016)

Lower Hiring Standards
If an organization is struggling to attract, recruit and hire candidates, the overall quality of employees will suffer. According to author Lee Caraher, “good leaders, people who work well in teams, high performers – do not choose to work with companies with bad reputations.” This loss of talent has its own costs in both the short and long-term.

How to Improve Your Organization’s Ratings

Do Your Own Research
Start by Googling your company to see where you stand. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect 100% of your ratings to be glowing. However, overall the vibe should be positive.

Be Present Online
Out-of-date websites and absent or abandoned social media sites leave job seekers with a bad first impression. Use the internet to tell your organization’s story and to advertise and sell your brand. Stay active on social media channels. Keep your website current and update everything regularly.

Participate in the Conversation
Even top-rated companies receive negative reviews and comments. No one is perfect. Nevertheless, take the time and the effort to respond to your critics. Although your organization cannot make everyone happy, simply acknowledging and attempting to correct problems builds credibility.

Recruit Your Fans
Your employees should be your biggest brand ambassadors. Mobilize them and your leadership team to share great content that attracts potential candidates and highlights company culture. Similarly, request reviews from satisfied employees and customers too. Asking for help can be a great way to jump-start good publicity.

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