Why Staffing?

Summer is a wonderful time of year! But your company is busier than usual, and another employee just asked for a week off. What should you do? Can you afford to run short-staffed?

Don’t worry. You can get the work done and have vacation time too. What’s the secret? Call a staffing service!


Add One Extra Employee or One Hundred
Could you use two or three contract office assistants to cover summer vacations? Or, are you looking for an accountant to fill in for a two-month maternity leave? Maybe you need 75% production workers to meet a tight deadline? An employment agency can assist with all these situations. Staffing firms have access to workers who are ready to start at a moment’s notice. Many contract workers enjoy the challenges of on-demand employment and accept ongoing assignments. Therefore, they are experts at adjusting to different companies, and they can pick up new techniques quickly.

Find Only the Best Summer Help
Identifying the right person (or people) for a short-term job can be very time-consuming. Your company must advertise, sort resumes, conduct interviews, hire and onboard. This can be a frustrating process, especially when you need people for only a month or two. Employment firms have large databases of qualified candidates, and they can quickly pull a handful of individuals that meet your exact requirements. You skip all the recruiting steps and go straight to a placement.

Don’t Sweat Background Screening
You want to be careful whom you invite into your organization, so you take background screening seriously. But, again, for short-term staff this takes time and costs money. Many staffing agencies automatically run employment verifications, and most will conduct drug tests, motor vehicle record searches and criminal background checks upon request. You can rest assured you are keeping your business and your employees safe.

Take a Vacation From Risky Hiring
What if a contract team member doesn’t work out? If you hired on your own, you must start the recruiting process all over again. However, with a staffing service, a replacement worker is only a phone call away. Let your recruiter know if someone was not a good fit, and they will work with your organization to find a better solution as soon as possible. Plus, on-demand workers are employed by the staffing firm; they are not on your payroll. When summer winds down or your busy season ends, you can send your contract workers back to the agency without worrying about termination procedures or unemployment costs.

Are You Ready to Take the Stress out of Summertime Staffing?

If your company is looking for additional employees during July and August, give United Talent Staffing Services a call! We place on-demand healthcare specialists, light industrial workers and office professionals. You don’t have to hire contract workers on your own. Let us put our expertise to work for you!