Career Advice

Most of us like the idea of a dream job, but perfect opportunities seldom fall out of the sky. Sometimes finding a job, any job, can be both difficult and discouraging.

Whether you are newly graduated, unexpectedly unemployed, looking to re-enter the work force or aspiring to switch jobs or careers, temporary work can be a viable option that you may not have considered.

Gain Experience

Job postings often contain the dreaded phrase, “At least three years of experience needed.” But how can you gain experience if you can’t get a job? Temporary jobs are excellent at providing direct, hands-on experience. And, yes, sometimes temporary does turn into full-time.

Build Your Resume

Temp work offers you the opportunity to add new companies, positions and skills to your resume. Although jobs related to your career path are ideal, any work can help to cover resume gaps and to showcase your adaptability.

Try Different Jobs

If you are unsure about the type of work you would like to do, temp jobs are a great way to “test the waters.” After a few months at a position, you should have a better idea of what the job involves and if you really enjoy the work.

Avoid Getting Stuck

You may spend weeks perfecting your resume and interviewing only to receive a single job offer. If your bills are piling-up, you might be tempted to accept even if it is obviously the wrong choice. Temp work, on the other hand, offers flexibility and a paycheck. Recruiters will help you to find the right job. And, if you decide to pass on an opportunity because it is not the best fit, there is likely to be upcoming work in the pipeline.

Increase Your Confidence

Unemployment is not fun! Sitting around in your pajamas all day applying for jobs is going to be depressing sooner rather than later. It may seem counterintuitive but taking a job (even one you didn’t plan on) will improve your chances of getting hired elsewhere. A busier, but more structured, schedule can increase your productivity as well as your overall sense of well-being.

Display Ambition

Sometimes life does not go as planned. Ultimately, “A” job is better then “No” job. Temporary work can prove to potential employers that you are hardworking and have grit.

Make Connections

Professional connections on social media are important, but the person-to-person relationships you build on a job are even more valuable. These are people with whom you have interacted directly, and they can attest to your work ethic. Add them to your list of references and/or ask them for referrals. They may have a friend of a friend who is looking to hire.

Do you think a temp position could be a good option for you? United Talent Staffing is proud to serve the people and business of West Virginia and surrounding states. Our application process is straight-forward. Prepare your resume and Contact Us today to set-up an interview.