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We’ve all had one of those days. Everything seems to be going wrong, everyone is annoying you, and all you want to do is VENT. But did you know losing your cool at the office is a big mistake? 


Why Venting Is a Poor Idea

You Feel Worse 

Sounds ridiculous, after all, at a glance, venting feels fantastic. However, as David McRaney points out in his book, You Are Not So Smart, “When you vent, you stay angry and are more likely to keep doing aggressive things so you can keep venting. It’s druglike… If you get accustomed to blowing off steam, you become dependent on it.” 

You Waste Resources 

 Venting uses up lots of energy, and unfortunately, it doesn’t accomplish much. Sure. You’ve pointed out problems, explained why you are mad, and probably ticked some people off. But that’s it. You haven’t solved anything. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend your time on something more productive?     

You Look Bad 

 Think about it. A full-fledged rant involves losing your temper and saying negative things about others. Here’s the problem. When you lose your temper, you look like you can’t control your emotions. When you say negative thoughts, you look like you have a poor attitude. When you talk about others, you look nasty (if you say things to their face) or untrustworthy (if you say things behind their back). Most people don’t like those types of coworkers.   


What You Can Do Instead

Understand What Irritates You 

 Knowing what gets under your skin is an essential first step. This can allow you to either avoid or address unpleasant situations before you blow up. So, rather than screaming at your pen tapping cubicle mate because you can’t take it anymore, recognize this will bother you. Then, plan and react accordingly.   

Count to 10 (or 100) 

 Venting gets us into trouble because it is a knee-jerk reaction. In the heat of the moment, we aren’t our most rational selves. If you feel yourself losing control, distract yourself with a calming activity. Take ten deep breathes, watch a funny video on your phone or go for a walk over to the water cooler. Often stepping away, even for a few minutes, can help you calm down and respond more professionally. 

Search for Solutions 

 Yelling at your colleague for filing those reports wrong again makes them dislike you, and usually, it doesn’t solve the issue. Rather than venting, channel your anger into finding a solution. Walk them through the process. Ask what they don’t understand. And, if they continue to make the same mistakes, talk to your supervisor about having someone else take over this part of their role.   


Is Your Job Causing You More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

 If despite your best efforts, your job makes you want to vent daily, it may be time for a change. What if you don’t know where to start? Give United Talent Staffing Services a call. We place office assistants, bookkeepers, receptionists, and legal secretaries. Let us help you find a better-fit opportunity today!