Tips for Job Seekers

Sometimes job searches don’t go as planned, and this may leave you feeling … well, desperate. However, no matter how many setbacks you’ve have, you want to approach every interview with confidence.  

If you’re nervous about landing a manufacturing job, follow these five tips to keep anxiety out of your employment search.  

Remind Yourself What You Have to Offer

Losing a job can be devastating and receiving a rejection letter (or several) can make you feel terrible. Don’t be surprised if your confidence level just hit an all-time low. Nevertheless, rather than wallowing in self-pity, remind yourself there is an employer out there who WILL hire you. Why? Because you have talents. Prove this by writing a list. Record everything you CAN DO and everything you HAVE DONE. This activity will make you feel better, and it will help you answer interview questions too.      

Don’t Use Desperate Phrases

Interviewers are on the lookout for red flags. And, desperation is a major red flag. If you are having trouble finding a job, a potential employer may (unfairly) assume the worse. Of course, lying is a terrible idea, but you shouldn’t advertise your difficulties either.   

Therefore, AVOID any of the following statements:  

    • I could start immediately.  
    • I’d do anything to get this job.  
    • I’m in a terrible situation.  
    • I never thought finding a job would be so hard.  
    • I would be willing to accept any salary  

Watch Your Body Language

Even if you give all the right answers, your body language can betray you. Be sure to look and act confident. Practice your interview answers in front of a mirror and watch your mannerisms. Sit tall (but not rigid), lean in slightly, don’t fidget, maintain good eye contact (without staring) and smile.    

Follow Up the Right Way  

Excessive emails and over-eager phone calls also make you look desperate. Of course, you want to know if you got the job, but stay calm. Immediately after the interview, your only correspondence should be a Thank You note. Then, after a week or two, you may send a Checking In email. That’s it. Stalking the company only hurts your chances and wastes your time.    

Use Your Downtime Productively

Although not ideal, unemployment can be an opportunity. Rather than sitting home and wringing your hands, take advantage of your unexpected free time. Dedicate your mornings to job hunting and spend your afternoons volunteering, taking a course or working on a project you’ve always wanted to do. If you’re worried about money, call your local employment agency and ask about temporary or contract work. Staying busy will build your confidence and make you look like a more motivated and desirable candidate. Plus, if the work happens to be related to manufacturing, you’ll be able to use your recent experiences as a selling point.    

Are You Having Trouble Finding a Manufacturing Job?

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