Career Advice

Let’s say you just have been offered a temporary work assignment. It is a great company and a great opportunity. But, what are the chances you might be hired full-time?

Depending on the organization, your odds may be quite good. Many companies use temp-to-hire options as extended job interviews. Sometimes, bosses even create new positions for talented temporary employees. So, how can you stack the deck in your favor?

Use these tips to turn temp work into a permanent placement.

Meet and Exceed Expectations

The following tips may sound overly obvious, but they are important. Show up to work on time or early. Call in only if you are sick. Do not take extended lunches and/or breaks. Meet deadlines or turn in work before it is due. Complete assignments to the best of your ability. And, be honest. Ultimately, an organization is unlikely to hire someone they cannot depend on. Above all, be reliable.

Add Value

According to best-selling author Jon Acuff, “Every job has a currency.” Can you identify the currency of your temp position? Is it to keep IT systems running smoothly, to identify cost-cutting measures or to provide a positive customer experience? If you don’t know the answer to this question, ask your supervisor, “What are some ways I can better serve this company?”

Display a Great Attitude

Your attitude can have an enormous effect on your success. Even the most talented individuals will have trouble advancing if they are constantly negative and bitter. There is no doubt temporary work can be difficult and unpredictable. Your enthusiasm and dedication will be noticed.

Commit to the Job

You may only be at this position for a short time; nevertheless, treat it as if it were permanent. Learn about the company and make it a point to master new skills. Introduce yourself to and build relationships with your co-workers. Anticipate needs, volunteer to help with projects and join the team. Even if the placement ends, your experience and expanded network will be valuable down the line.

Share Your Goals

If you are signed-on with an employment agency, let your recruiter know you are interested in a full-time position. And, make sure your current supervisor knows that you are enjoying the job. If your intentions are clear, it is more likely that those in charge will either try to accommodate you or, at least, to let you know where you stand.

Be Flexible

Even if you do everything exactly right, an organization may not have an open position. Don’t take this personally. Keep up the good work and stay in touch when the assignment ends. Your managers and co-workers may be able to offer references, referrals, or insider insight that you can use to your advantage.

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